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Data warehouse is missing data in DWH_INV_SUMMARY_FACTS

Question asked by GeorgSchmid2014 on May 26, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2017 by GeorgSchmid2014

After running the "Load Data Warehouse" job without errors, I have a data warehouse with an empty table DWH_INV_SUMMARY_FACTS.

For Team, Task and Assignment, I have all the data as well as for the weekly and calendar periods. Only the Project-level summary is missing.


In the bg-dwh.log, no errors are shown and even iin the DWH_CFG_AUDIT table, two seconds between start and end of loading have been logged.


What is odd, is that the table DWH_X_INV_SUM_FACTS shows one single project. As I understood, this table is used to update the DWH_INV_SUMMARY_FACTS? How come only one project is found here?


Any ideas on where to investigate further?


Thanks for your support!