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Ca DataMinder DLP policies

Question asked by ANDA_15 on May 27, 2015
Latest reply on May 27, 2015 by alise02

Good day to everyone,


Please I need help on how to configure DLP policies in Ca DataMinder, I will describe here after needs waited from Ca DataMinder:


Customer needs are:


  • control files located in windows file share: (these documents will be changed in any time) [data-at-rest]
  • control files been transmited using email
  • control files  been printed
  • control files been copied to removable device.
  • Control documents and files which contain some words (like confidential, plan, delivery....) [document classification]
  • How can I configure a policy to control files without adding trusted application in exempt list (machine policy)?


Kindly asking you guys breively on how can I acheive those goals and which function I should use to acheive those goals (FSA job, CFSA job, content agent for file deteciton, content agent for text detection, document classification...)


Thanks in advance.