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CA Service Desk Manager 12.7 Request Area category properties values to be displayed on search result page (list_cr.htmpl) or Infoview reports.

Question asked by kpishe on Jun 2, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2015 by Grant Bruneau

Hi All,


I want to display the values of a particular property of a request area category on the list_cr.htmpl page.

The property is called "Permanent or temporary" (mapped to more than 10 Request categories) dropdown property field where in if the user selects Temporary, then there is text field below already displayed, where the user needs to enter the End date.

We need only those ticket details where the value is selected as Temporary from the dropdown of the property and followed by the  End Date.


I have tried looking at the cr_prp table, at first I though it's attribute 'owning_cr' gives the ticket number, however it gives the ticket's persid value.


Any suggestions?