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MQ Virtualization using JMS client mode with CorrelationId mappings

Question asked by Udhayakumar.Sankaran on Jun 11, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2015 by Kevin.Bowman

Hi All,

I have created an MQ Virtual Service using RR pairs with Client Mode as JMS. I am able to publish and subscribe the message using MQ step with JMS client mode. But then I have got one more requirement that I should subscribe the message using correlationId. Tried with multiple options providing the messageId properties in the VSM subscibe and publish steps and checked the use correlation check box on the MQ Test subscribe. It always subscribes the 1st message on the output queue.


MQ Publish Step - Test Client:

MQ Publish Step - Test Client.jpg

MQ Subscribe Step - Virtual Model:

MQ Subscribe - VSM.jpg

MQ Publish Step - Virtual Model:

MQ Subscribe - VSM.jpg

MQ Subscribe Step - Test Client:

MQ Subscribe Step - Test Client.jpg

I am not sure whether the required property keys are there as I have created using RR pairs.