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PAM-Changes in Global Dataset

Question asked by Saranya.P on Jun 12, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2015 by milan.ziga

Hi All,


I tried changing the login user credentials of our development environment PAM.


I did the below steps:

1. Gave PAMadmins group in EEM.

2. Gave administrator role in SDM and Catalog.

3. Changed the configuration in administrtor tab of Catalog (Service desk configuration and PAM configuration)

4. Finally changed the login user details of SDM and SLCM globaldataset in ITPAM.


After the changes are done, recycled the services of PAM and Catalog. However when I trigger a PAM Process, it fails at login operator with error message 'Invalid Username and Password'.


Not sure, where i have missed the changes. Kindly assist on same.



Saranya P