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[Text_api.cfg] Error with a category which has properties

Question asked by Vinicius_Paulo on Jun 15, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2015 by Vinicius_Paulo

Hi all!


I'm facing a issue, when I try to use the email_eater to open a new incident/request ticket on CA SDM 12.7.


All the keywords are working fine, but, when I try to use a category, which has properties to be properly setted when an user use is open a new ticket, in my stdlog, I got this error:


"AHD58009:Could not create Request. Reason: INVALID - AHD05807:One or more Properties require values."

I tried to set the category and the properties under the [EMAIL_DEFAULTS] on "text_api.cfg":


Following exactly the same syntax, which's configured on the category:


And then, I set all the keywords at the email body:


Is there anything that am I doing wrong?

Could you guys, give me a light with this?

Thanks and regards!!!