Tip -- Set default filter for Visualizer button on SDM UI

Discussion created by Mark_HE Employee on Jun 16, 2015
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Here is an example to specify the default filter for Visualizer on CI detail screen.


Open cmdb_launch_visualizer.htmpl on WSP and find the following lines:

<PDM_LIST PREFIX="filter" FACTORY=vis_object_store_master

WHERE="(inactive=0) AND ((object_sub_type=0 OR object_sub_type=3) OR (object_sub_type=1 AND creation_user.userid IN '$cst.userid'))"


<option value="$">$filter.object_name</option>



<script type="text/javascript">



2. after the last line of above source code, add the following script.

function setdefault(fid)


  for (i = 0; i < document.getElementById("CmdbVizLaunchFilterSelect").length; i++) {

    filterId = document.getElementById("CmdbVizLaunchFilterSelect").options[i].value;

    if (filterId == fid){ //find the Filter

        document.getElementById("CmdbVizLaunchFilterSelect").selectedIndex = i;





//set the default filter as Browse Filter



3. Save and publish



To find the filterid for the filters, run the SQL below:

select id, object_name from vis_object_store_master;

By default, it should be:

1010Cause and Effect CIs
1011Browse Filter
1012Root Cause Analysis
1013Impact Analysis
1014Trace relation
1015Shortest Path