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Clarity 14.1 with MSP

Question asked by Arun.Mohan on Jun 19, 2015
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We are facing some issues with MSP 2007


1. Colleagues appear to be able to book more time against my project that I have allocated them, for example I assigned 7 hours and they have booked 40 hours so far!).

Is there any way to restrict the time booked by project resources to just the time allocated by me (as project manager)?


2. The duration and/or start-end dates change at random when I open the MSP through Clarity. These changes are not predictable and can affect different project resources each time I open the MSP.

At times, the duration is shortened and the start-end dates amended from the first-working day to last-working day of the month.
end-date for the allocation of 4 days was entered and saved as ‘30/06/2015’ but now reads ‘03/07/2015’, while the duration and
end-date for others has been “brought forward” from the last working day of June.


3. I have noticed that the duration and start-end dates regularly change from the values entered into MSP when time is entered by project resources and the ‘Actual’ work value is thus greater than Zero.

Is this a known issue?


4. Is there a successful way to amend the hours (days) allocated to a project resource, once the resource name has been entered, without the duration and/or start-end date changing automatically.

For instance, if I want to amend the hours allocated to Amit Karwal in June, changing the ‘Work’ value always causes the Duration or Start-End Date values to change.

The only way I have found I can successfully change the work allocated without having to re-set other values is to remove the resource name, update the required values and then re-enter the resource name.

This cannot be applied when the resource has a non-Zero value in the ‘Actual’ field, otherwise the record of the work already carried out is lost!