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dynamic service deployment, deployMar, extra files, how to handle

Question asked by sdetweil2 on Jun 20, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2015 by sdetweil2

as I start to look at the construction of services, they have dependencies on other files.  like class libraries, or database drivers.

some also depend on external data (excel sheets, ...flat files)


if my script is running on the same system as the VSE, I can copy dependent libs to hotDeploy. 

but what to do about those other nasty files..  I could establish a standard that for any file you need to access that is service specific, you create a 'Data' folder, and put the file there.


but... how does the external script KNOW IF the service has that model AND how to find where that is inside the VSE.


this all gets more complicated when I want to launch service (in ***.mar) on a remote VSE, and don't have access to the filesystem of the remote vse server.


my expectation is that the data will change constantly, but the service code will not, and we don't want to package the 'latest' data with the service itself.


I created a Data folder under VirtualServices in workstation, put my file there, changed my vsm to use that path.. and the service works.


when I create the MAR however, that folder and file didn't get included in the mar file.


if I knew that the folder was there, and the script said to push this data with the service, I could update the mar zip file, before doing the deployMar operation.

(assuming it would propagate this data as well..)


our model assumes a service can be deployed anywhere, anytime, on a non-persistent VSE.. so I have no idea where the filesystem is for that function.