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Copybook DPH - Field Length Validation fails

Question asked by Udhayakumar.Sankaran on Jun 22, 2015


I have tried creating Virtual Service using RR pairs with Copybook DPH on LISA 7.5.1, DevTest 8.0.0 & 8.0.1. I am able to create the VS and test it. But have got an issue while trying to select the check box "validate field lengths"

After analysis found that the values in xml file created on the response side from the copybook are trimmed and the trimmed length are added as "left-pad-length=xx", In my scenario the value as space on the right extreme and DPH has trimmed the white spaces but the "left-pad-length=0". So while validating the lengths its throwing error.

Error: java.lang.RuntimeException: origin length in the payload (16) and in the copybook definition (30) do not match for field:


Subset of Message: 00000000000100001000621.02.2005      AC21.02

Response XML: <MLG-ADR-TXT left-pad-length="0" origin-length="30">100001000621.02.2005</MLG-ADR-TXT>

Copybook DPH.png

Probably the solution is to either add another argument as "right-pad-length=x" or stop doing right trim. Can anyone please suggest if I am doing something wrong here.