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UI to XML response validation

Question asked by KetanVaghani on Jun 23, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2015 by salman.jarved


i need help to validate UI against XML (Web services response)  can someone help me on following scenario.


UI values are : titile. FirstName LastName (Age: 99year,99month)  (Example: Mr. Ketan Vaghani (Age: 36 year, 0 month))




Web Services Response:





          <Suffix>FUTURE SPRINT</Suffix>








How i can compare one-to-one fields from UI  v/s Web services?

i have some more transformations to use like ( $200,898 to 200898.00  and  North Carolina to NC )

i have tried following, but not sure how i use transformation.


1. i have used HTTP/HTML request and stored STEP RESPONSE  to {{HTMLResponse}}

2. Used Rest Response and stored STEP RESPONSE to {{RestResponse}}


i can export the both xPath to XML using JAR, but then how i can transfer the values and compare?


please let me know if LISA DevTest 8.0.1 allow transferring values.


Thank you,


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