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Date Time Field (SC) -> Process Automation - Time Zones

Question asked by TreDaniel on Jun 26, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2015 by ElwynnMartin

Is there a way to manually set a specific time zone for Date Time Fields in Service Catalog or pick up the end user's time zone? The date time field apparently converts the value to UTC in SC. We are pulling form values in through PAM and then passing this information to a third party ticketing system.


**To be more clear, the issue is that the value users enter on the Service Catalog form is not what PAM is pulling in. Apparently Service Catalog converts this date prior to PAM pulling it in. While we can resolve the issue with JS in the PAM operator, we were hoping there was an OOTB option to set the time zone on the SC side of the house.


If this is covered in detail anywhere, I would appreciate a link to it.I wasn't able to find any recent discussions or articles on this topic

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