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Sub-Object: Make it Mandatory

Question asked by ManchuWarrior on Jun 30, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2015 by ManchuWarrior

Hi All,


I'm currently challenged with trying to make a sub-object for a Project mandatory. I'm being told by colleagues that because the subpage is a sub-object of a Project that it cannot be made mandatory during Project creation.


Have any of you been able to make an entire subpage (that is part of a sub-object) mandatory for the user to fill out? The sub-object is a subpage on a project that the user enters a list of items. After the initial project creation is complete, the user just clicks on Properties and navigates to the subpage and then enters a list of data. I need to make the creation of the list mandatory. 


I am exploring the idea of doing a validation that prevents the user from moving forward, but I haven't identified where to start the validation and what to prevent the user from doing. I'm brainstorming this part.