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Portlets and partitions

Question asked by urmas on Jul 2, 2015
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Just wondering again...

What might I be doing wrong.

I develop an NSQL query which retrieves data from srm_resources, prj_resources and odf_ca_resource. Some of the fields are lookups.

In 13.2 I do not see any option to set the partition for the query, it is automatically set to system.

When I create a new portlet there is partition field, but it is not editable. When I select my query as the dataprovider the partition is automatically set to the partition of the query.

When I open the query it works just fine, but the data I am after is not there because it is not tagged to system partition but to another. Likewise the lookups I was planning to use with filters do not  have their value in the system partition, but in the other partition.


When I read the portlet out it comes with all the lookups with the switch set to upgrade=true, all the partitions and their members. Great.

Fortunately the singleContentType swithc clears the junk.


If I change the partition in all the places where it is given and write back either overwriting the existing portlet and query or first deleting them I still have my portlet in the system partition, only parto of the data coming and lookup filter having no drop down.


What am I doing wrong and how do I get educated to put the portlet and its components where I want it to be?