How to configure Identity Manager to use your IDM UI password policy.

Discussion created by leije03 Employee on Jul 6, 2015

There are three places where settings must be configured to ensure that IDM password policies will be evaluated. What the first step does is tells the password sync agent that the Identity Manager system is going to handle password policies. Step two shuts off Provisioning Manager’s password policy handling. Finally, step three tells the system that the IDM UI password policy is the policy to use.


  1. On the system that has Password Sync Agent installed, go to the following path: C:\Program Files\CA\eTrust Admin Password Sync Agent\data

        Note: this is the default installation path


    1. Open the file eta_pwdsync.conf using an editor program such as notepad
    2. Search for the following text: profile_enabled
    3. Set the profile_enabled variable to yes



2. In Provisioning Manager go to System => Password Profile and ensure that the option for Enable password quality controls is turned off.




3. In Provisioning Manager go to System => Domain Configuration => Identity Manager Server => Use External Password Policies and ensure that the value is set to yes.