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Has anyone found a solution for IWA fallback to forms auth that works well with Chrome and Firefox?

Question asked by JMCColorado on Jul 13, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2017 by AaronBerman

We have a pre-authentication javascript which checks an IWA protected XML file, if it succeeds, it forwards a user through an IWA auth scheme. If it fails, it sends the user through a forms based auth scheme.


This all works well in IE. However, when the preauthentication JavaScript fails to grab the XML file in Chrome and Firefox, it brings up the dreaded Windows Username and Password dialog box.


We are trying to find a pre-auth mechanism for each of the three major browsers. We would like to avoid having users see the Windows Auth dialog box at all costs.


Right now, the only guaranteed solution we have found is to fallback to forms immediately if the browser is not IE. This seems like a waste, because IWA works well in Chrome, it just doesn't behave when it fails.




- Josh