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Pass form variable from jsp to Siteminder

Question asked by sanjay.bhatt2 on Jul 14, 2015
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I am having below requirement that I am trying to work out using Siteminder variable response.


1. After user authenticates, Siteminder shows an intermediate page (I am using jsp) to user with a drop-down of all the role names he has access to from user directory. I am sending it as a response (multi valued attribute) to this intermediate page.

2. User chooses the role name that he want to login against and submit.

3. The intermediate jsp page send the corresponding role id (which application will do validation against) as form variable POST to application URL.

4. I have protected the application URL in siteminder and have created a authorization rule which triggers a dynamic response (using form post variable) that will create a new header (with role id that it should get from form POST variable ).


Now when I execute the above flow, step 1-3 is happening as expected. However in step 4, Siteminder is not able to get the form variable from POST and in smps log I am getting active expression error.


Can anyone suggest is there any specific notations that I need to include in my intermediate jsp to allow Siteminder get the form post variable?


Any help would be highly appreciated in this regard.