Difficulties on sending tickets to HP QC

Discussion created by jacfe02 Employee on Jul 19, 2015



I am trying to integrate the CAI Pro (DevTest 8.0.1) with the HP ALM (v.11.5), but I haven't been able to do it. Maybe somebody can help me.... I'd appreciate.


I followed the instructions of the DevTest documentation (DevTest_CAI_ENU_r8.0.pdf page 64), which is very simple, but I cannot make it work.

When I perform the Alt+Click, I can see the checkbox “Raise this as a defect in Quality Center”, and after clicking at the “submit” button, it shows a screen with four fields (username, password, domain and project). I type these information and click at the “save” button, then It shows the message “Authentication was unsuccessful”.

Debugging (what I tried):

  • The LisaQCService is running;
  • The configuration is set at the Agent;
  • I performed a telnet to test the connectivity between:
    • The DevTest server and the HP ALM server;
    • The AppServer and the HP ALM server.

  When I type at the browser the QC Host + “/qcbin/rest/” to verify if the QC rest service is running, and it is all right.

See the attached file to more information, like screenshots and the AppServer log).

Thank you!