Tech Tip:  CA Single Sign On: STS Refresh after WS-Fed Partnership update,  Office 365 Integration

Discussion created by Manjari_Gangwar Employee on Jul 20, 2015

CA Single Sign On Tech Tip by Manjari Gangwar-Warty, Sr. Principal Support Engineer for July 20, 2015


For Office 365 Integration, if during the process of setup, WS-Federation Partnership is modified for some reason after the STS is created on the SPS/Access Gateway, It is a good idea to delete the STS and recreate it.

There are some behind the scene objects that get created in Policy Store, when STS is created and those would not be updated until STS is recreated.

For recreating the STS, please delete the STS from the proxyui. Make sure that the STS folders on the file system are cleaned up, restart SPS.

Follow the STS creation steps again using the same partnership name.