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Tech Tips: CA Workload Automation AE Information/Warning/Error Messages

Question asked by Jameela_Hudson Employee on Jul 21, 2015
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In the bookshelf for CA Workload Automation AE r11.3.6, there is a helpful guide called 'CA Workload Automation AE Message Reference Guide'. This guide explains the messages that you see while working with CA Workload Automation AE. Each message is explained giving the exact message string, the reason, and the suggested solution.


You see the following three types of messages while working with CA Workload Automation AE:


■ Information messages that display information and call for no action. (CAUAJM_I_XXXXX)

■ Warning messages that warn you of a potential error and may require you to take some action. (CAUAJM_W_XXXXX)

■ Error messages that tell you what went wrong and what you need to do to resolve it. (CAUAJM_E_XXXXX)


This message guide is available on the CA Wiki for Workload Automation AE & Workload Control Center as well as the r11.3 and r11.3.5 bookshelves.

To download the Bookshelf for your version of Autosys, do the following:


1. Login to

2. Hover over 'Knowledge Center' and click 'Documentation'

3. In the dropdown box, search for you release of Autosys

    r11.3.6: 'CA Workload Automation AE Release 11.3.6' or 'CA Workload Automation AE Release 11.3.6 - Customer Access Only -US English'

    r11.3.5: 'CA Workload Automation AE Release 11.3.5 -US English'

    r11.3: 'CA Workload Automation AE Release 11.3-US English'

4. Click 'Go'

5. Click 'Download this Bookshelf' (in the upper right and side of the screen)


**If you just need the Message Reference Guide, follow steps 1-4 then

5. Under 'Product Documentation - By Product Component', click on the 'CA Workload Automation AE' link

6. Click on the 'Download PDF' link next to 'Message Reference Guide'