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Questions regarding ALM & LISA "Update" rest step.

Question asked by jhamric on Jul 22, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2015 by jhamric

Hello everyone!


I am beginning with ALM & LISA within my workplace and have a specific task I am attempting to accomplish. I have been advised to seek help through this community. Here is what I am trying to accomplish:


I have a list of "error codes" within the ALM test lab. These codes all have unique ID's which I have discovered I can access by copying the URL of the actual execution. These entries each have several different components like "expected start date" etc. The field that I need to utilize however is the "pass/fail" field. This field uses "no run" when a test has not been conducted and either pass or fail when it has.


To accomplish this the goal is to use LISA to automate a test case with REST steps including login -> get -> update -> logout.


The idea is to login, retrieve the defect entry using the ID, update the defect to "pass" in ALM, and log out.


The primary issue I am having is determining what I should use for the query parameter key/value. I notice that the column in the test lab is called "status" so I have attempted to use the key as "status" and value as "pass" but this does not seem to be effective. I just would like to know if I am headed in the right direction.


I am new to the implementation and have studied the Power Point provided in this community yet I am still having trouble. When I execute the test case it does pass in all steps however the ALM entry does not update to "pass".



Unfortunatly I can not attach any screen shots as it would be a violation of my companies internet security policies.


Thanks in advance for the help and I apologize if my question lacks enough information!