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CA APM v10 SOA Web Services tracing

Question asked by Venkit on Jul 23, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2015 by Venkit

We have this requirement, not sure if anyone of you have worked on something similar before.


Bit of background:

We have an application which uses SOAP over http webservices calls (CXFv3)

APM v10 gives a very neat drill down functionality of the trace view, and the SOA dependency map is pretty cool as well.


But wanted to stretch my luck and find out if the below is possible:

Application A (residing on a linux VM-A) makes a webservice call which goes off to Application B (residing on linux VM-B).

So when I look at the trace for that WS call, I am able to see the amount of time spent at each function within the first leg (within VM-A) of the WS journey.

But then, to look at the second leg of the same WS call, I have to then open the trace metrics of VM-B. 


This is sometimes a bit tedious.


Now my question:

Was wondering if there is a way (through existing functionality within APM v10 OR additional customisation on any APM version) to look at the full journey of a single WS transaction that spans accross multiple JVMs in a single trace view ? Or is that too much to ask ?