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How to write simple math script for getting dynamic values in LISA

Question asked by MukulJain on Jul 30, 2015
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I am trying to give dynamical values in webservices component using LISA. 

Example request/response SOAP message :-

< soap:Envelope>

< soap:Body>

< ns1:Request>

< ns1:field1>1000</ns1:field1>

< /ns1:Request>

< /soap:Body>

< /soap:Envelope>


< soap:Envelope>

< soap:Body>

< ns1:Response>

< ns1:field1>state1</ns1:field1>

< ns1:field2>country1</ns1:field2>

< /ns1:Response>

< /soap:Body>

< /soap:Envelope>

What we want is based on Request field1 value response should be generated as field1, field2 

Say for example,

if Request field1 is 2000

then Response field1 should be




We use excel sheet to maintain this request response data because it is a small data no need of database. Is there any way to do it using scripting?