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Request/Response pairs for REST/JSON

Question asked by sdetweil2 on Aug 1, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2015 by sdetweil2

I haven't made any progress building a service by hand.. so I thought I'd try to use the RR pair approach.


using our data model and spec, I built sample request/response pairs with metadata sidecar files.


lacking any detail about what should be in the rr pair files.  I tried


method, url, with parms (?foo=bar&bob=smith....)

GET /v1/service/foo/bar?someparm=somevalue



POST /v1/service1/{URLPARM0}/action/update?parm=value


I tried with HTTP/1.1 at the end of the URl line too.


then next line is the json body


the metadata file has  the metadata, one for request, one for response.


428 files (/4) 112 transactions, across 15 URL families.


then on to the RR pair builder.   so far it sees 4-6 of the url families.. and shows 2 more in the unhandled traffic box.


where are the rest? what did I do wrong?


I see in the workstation.log a reported json content error


- net.sf.json.JSONException: Expected a ',' or '}' at character 1198 of {


but it doesn't tell me which of the 112 req or 112 rsp files is the one being processed  it is possible one of the hand constructed json sample messages has an error.

altho I think every one in and out has been exercised thru my service, which validates the document schema and syntax.


here is a sidecar file





and sidecar file







I can't post the req or rsp file contents here