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Total Disk Size Report

Question asked by nirmit_bali on Aug 11, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2015 by nirmit_bali

Hi All,


I have created a script from cdm probe's probe utility function "disk_status", this returns total disk size of all the disks of the robot, when I run it in the UAT environment it runs fine (UAT has 30 robots).

But is fails in Prod environment where there are more than 500 robots. It returns disk data for some 10-15 robots and then fails saying "Error"


Please suggest if this has any problem when it is supposed to run in Big environment.


local r_resp,rc = nimbus.request("/Domain/HUB/HUBserver/hubprobe","getrobots")
           for k,v in pairs (r_resp.robotlist) do
response,rc =
nimbus.request(v.addr.."/cdm", "disk_status")

            if rc == NIME_OK then         

              for _,entry in pairs( do








Nirmit Bali