Tech Tip - CA Identity Manager: How to add Service user-specific screen to an approval?

Discussion created by Sagi_Gabay Employee on Aug 11, 2015

Identity Manager (starting with version 12.6) has a feature of 'Service'. A Service can be requested by users, may have a predefined lifetime and could have a fulfillment action generated with a request of that service. When building a Service you have the option to attach a "user-specific" screen to the service request. This will allow the user to provide additional personal or job related information that could be important for their request. This screen is a simple profile-type screen that has a number of your designated attributes. Upon request the user may (or must) fill them in.


However, unless you take explicit care this screen will not be available at time of approval. The service request is one task and the service approval is another task. You will need to explicitly attach the same "user-specific" screen to the approval task so that it's available for that task.


In general there isn't a coupling of tasks and their approval tasks. So, for instance: "Create User" and "Approve Create User" are not coupled by the system and despite that you could expect that specific changes to "Create User" may or should be automatically available for the corresponding approval task , they aren't. The "Approve Create Task" isn't aware in any special way of the Create User and it's triggered based on events or policies. This means, that if you (as the person who designs the processes and implementation of Identity Manager in your organization) need to know what (if anything) from the respective tasks to add to their approval tasks.  Similarly, the Service Request isn't coupled with its approval task and so if you were to define a user-specific screen included with the request , it will need to be included explicitly with the approval tasks that require it.



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