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14.2 MSP Interface (XML) Stalling at "Opening XML files in MSP"

Question asked by Dale_Stockman Champion on Aug 12, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2015 by Chris_Hackett

Wasn't getting any responses on other thread - an older thread, "assumed answered" - perhaps no one is paying attention to it.  So, copied my last entry and started a new thread, here.


We have our 14.2 system running in Sandbox (SB) environment, now.  Ran into the "Writing XML File" issue, then recalled a thread which addressed this topic.  I followed the advice there - removed/reinstalled the interface, twice now - once to C: as described in your Tuesday Tip, and once to My Programs under C:\users\[myaccountname]\.


In both cases, I have made some progress (export of project no longer stalls at "Writing XML Files").  Many of my projects now open successfully. 


However, I have some projects that stall at "Opening XML files in MSP."  Also, where it works, it is not 14 times faster than the legacy interface.  My initial testing is showing that it is actually slower. 


Times are in mm:ss.

  • PR28183 13.1  Not recorded
  • PR28183 14.2 XML:  1:06
    • based on memory, this may be about the same/bit faster than 13.1
    • certainly, this project doesn't take 14 minutes to open in 13.1 - 90% confident 13.1 number is between 1-3 minutes
    • will repeat on 13.1 after I return my machine to 13.1 configuration






  • PR31376 13.1:  1:50
  • PR31376: 14.2 XML:  Stalled at "Open XML files in MSP"


  • PR36470 13.1:  3:53
  • PR36470 14.1 Legacy:  3:49
  • PR36470 14.1 XML:  Stalled at "Open XML files in MSP"


On my machine, running Windows 7 64-bit and MSP2010 32-bit.


Haven't identified a common thread yet, as to what causes a project to open vs. stall. It is consistent though - projects which open, always open; those that stall, always stall.