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UIM Servers for a Very Small Environment

Question asked by RJames on Aug 14, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2015 by Gregory Beggs

We have a very small environment with around 40 servers total split into production and pre-production. We are looking to deploy UIM to replace an existing tool. There would be separate UIM infrastructure for prod and pre-prod.


With so few servers I am wondering if a sufficiently large VM hosting UIM could be used as the primary hub and UMP. I know the recommendation is for separate servers. SQL will be on a shared, dedicated SQL server (providing I can use port 1433 as it won't be the default instance).


The alternative is separate primary hub (hosting NAS etc) and UMP with a secondary hub on the UMP server with the HA probe providing some failover.


What is the smallest specification of (virtual) server for a single UIM server? And if I go for separate, how small can the VMs be in terms of vCPU and memory.