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CAWAAE R11.3.6 SP2+ integration with other schedulers (AE/CA7)

Question asked by Steve Bontius on Aug 19, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2015 by Chandru.Venkataraman

Looking for some guidance as we haven't done this before...


We are planning on deploying CAWA AE R11.3.6 SP2 (or greater depending on when we go live) and need to integrate with some existing schedulers with one of our vendors, who are running CAWA AE as well as CA7.


Which version of CCI is included with CAWAAE R11.3.6 SP2 and what software/versions are required on the vendor side for both their CAWAAE and CA7 instances for proper integration?


We will also need to have both our agent and their agent deployed on some servers, so are there any issues there as well?


Also any security issues, as we need to ensure that they cant see all of our jobs and that we can't see all of theres (just the ones where we have inter-dependencies etc?


Thanks for your input!