retrieving and updating a request param

Discussion created by deepaksharma on Aug 21, 2015

DPH:  request side



import com.itko.util.ParameterList;


ParameterList args = lisa_vse_request.getArguments();  // Retrieving the Request Arguments' list

//Picking up a particular request parameter  for example in below line, "CurCodeValue". (Parameter name should be fully qualified xml name)


String theParam = args.getParameterValue("ForExDealAddRq_ForExDealInfo_ForExQuoteRef_ForExQuoteInfo_ContraCurCode_CurCodeValue");


// Updating  a particular request parameter for example in below line, "CurCodeValue" update to  "INR".


args.setParameterValue(theParam, "INR");


// We may  also have some more manipulation/logic and can put all the logic into a method, returning that method the modified value and then passing to method -setParameterValue().


//now can bind this to request: