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Advanded Reporting - users can see reports but no data

Question asked by ken.ewers on Aug 31, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2015 by ken.ewers

Using Advanced Reporting (Jaspersoft part of PPM, not Jaspersoft Studio).  Users can see and run reports and ad hoc reports, but running reports gives no results.  Someone with administrative accesss can run the same reports and sees data.  Permissions seem fine in PPM, user is active in Advanced Reporting.  Have run job Load Data Warehouse full load, have run Create and Update Jaspersoft Users.  Users have the following access:

Advanced Reporting - Ad Hoc Create
Advanced Reporting - Dashboard Create
Advanced Reporting - Navigate
Advanced Reporting - Report Create
Reports - Access
Reports - Run - All
Reports - View Output - All


Also, user can create ad hoc report and sees all the fields, but again no data.  Any hints?