CA Tech Tip: CA IDMS - How to configure SQL Server Management Studio to access IDMS

Discussion created by Eddy_G Employee on Sep 2, 2015

CA IDMS Tech Tip by Edward Gorga, Senior Principal Support Engineer for September 2, 2015


SQL Server Management Studio is just a user interface to SQL Server. To access IDMS you first need to define an ODBC data source using the ODBC Administrator. Then use that data source to define a linked server in SQL Server Management Studio. See QI46472 which documents the procedure to create a “Linked Server” instance under Microsoft’s SQL Server. The document in the PTF describes how to do it using SQL Server Enterprise Manager but the procedure would be similar with SQL Server Management Studio except the screens would be slightly different. You can download it from here: ftp://ftp.ca.com/CAproducts/idms/Server(General)/QI46472/QI46472.zip.

I also attached the word document from the PTF to this post.

For information on how to define the ODBC data source, see the following video: How to Configure the CA IDMS Server Windows ODBC driver