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Problem with % character in CLI Argument

Question asked by naisa13 Employee on Sep 8, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2015 by Andy_Thompson

When we pass a string (having % character in it) to a RUN_SCRIPT operator as command line argument, the % characters are stripped off. This situation, we could able to overcame by escaping it. However, this works for only normal text fields. But, in our process, we are getting the string from an SRF as password field. Since password field cannot be manipulated, we could not escape the % characters and hence, the issue persists.


A  sample process is attached for reference where it's stripping off the % characters.


Kindly help us with the solution/work around to it. Thanks,


To Run Script Operator:


Example 1: input : "Thisis1%init" --> output : "Thisis1init"

Example 2: input : "Thisis1%%init" --> output : "Thisis1init"


Example 3: input : "Thisis1%%%%init" --> output : "Thisis1%init"