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Mysterious empty response message

Question asked by Nicolas Afonso Employee on Sep 8, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2015 by Nicolas Afonso

Dear CA API Management Community,


I currently facing some troubling issue, maybe someone here could help me.

I am working under 8.3 API Gateway version. The use case is pretty simple: I am developing a proxy API.

The policy template is quite usual: authorize/authenticate -> some security checks, building the request and routing to the backend service.


Response returned from the Gateway is then OK and because I left default routing option and its ${response} variable, moreover it was useless to use the “Response template” assertion.


Then I wanted to make some work on this response message. And here is the issue: for the Gateway: it is empty !


${response.mainpart} is empty

${response.mainpart.size} = ${response.size} = more than 1000 bytes (so it is not an multipart response)

Yet there is something, since I have the expected response that is returned!


Then I set the audit.originalMainPart.enable cluster property to "true" in order to check the response without any Gateway modification. I found that the backend service left empty the Content-Type header…


After Gateway processing, the response.contentType was set to “application/x-suggestions+json”.

Is it a Gateway bug case ? I reproduced it with another backend service, once again the original response Content type was empty, but this time the gateway processed response CT was « application/octet-stream »

Any idea to help me ? Did everyone already faced this problem ?


PS : between my Gateway and internet I have a proxy, but from my point of view the issue is not related to it ….