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ica_response experience

Question asked by jonhcw on Sep 15, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2016 by imrankhcl

I'm wondering if anyone here has much experience with the ica_response probe? I've given it a few shots and I seem to always have a hard time getting it to work reliably. It seems to me I often get timeout alarms for no obvious reason, even if the probe has been running for a short period. Sometimes I've observed that the sessions initiated by the probe aren't properly closed and are left open in Citrix, which I suspect is one of the reasons it might not work properly in the next run. I'm asked to provide an availability SLA for a Citrix environment based on data from ica_response and currently I'm not feeling very confident in it.


So, any thoughts/experience on the usage and reliability of the probe would be much appreciated, to get a grasp whether it's something in my environments or in what I'm doing, rather than with the probe itself.