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Security Considerations - Creating an Authentication method on CA SDM - PIN contact_id

Question asked by TMACUL Champion on Sep 17, 2015

I´m looking for CA SDM Security options and i could found a old discussion opened by Ricardo Andrade was (Creating an interface for employees to change ours contact_id). CA SDM has a powerful control about security credentials, can use many types of authentication methods, (LDAP´s, PIN, open, no access)

I would like to listen community considerations looking for usability and not just only our common thinking after all user experience is a real discussion and i´m exposing user considering: Service Desk (people).

Therefore i left a question: Who? Considering Service Desk business, who is administrator LDAP?

It´s clear, i don't know all reality around the world, but here it´s so normal nobody from business like to do anything about technology, however course they don't know LDAP administration and (sometimes) IT cannot insert end users (external users) inside your company LDAP.

My personally consideration is follow business and we need create on CA SDM, but what is the best way?

Using PIN, we fight some security considerations and we need customizing CA SDM.

Using EEM, when connected to Company LDAP, EEM don't allow administer users.

Maybe, someone thing something about a third option or can opinion about.

Creating an interface for employees to change your own contact_id (CA SDM internal password)

Force Reset Password

CA EEM Install - instalación - instalação - インストール

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