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Storing Project Documents in Sharepoint

Question asked by info_tel on Sep 18, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2015 by fpena


We have a requirement to store the Project Documents in the client SharePoint site instead of the Clarity Document Manager.

I have been checking the documentations available in the support site regarding this and I'm not able to figure out if its possible and if yes, how!


The document mentions the CA Clarity SharePoint Connector installs the 'Communication and Collaboration' site which  'Provides a SharePoint document library where you can upload and store local SharePoint documents.'


Does this mean that once I install the plugin, there will be a folder for each project that appear in the sharepoint site and the users can upload their documents in this location and still be able to access the location from Clarity? Can anyone share some thoughts on this or point me to a demo video or screen grabs on how it would appear.