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Clarity - multiple field validation

Question asked by SunilDwivedi62352399 on Sep 18, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2015 by am1

Hi ,

How we can perform multiple field validation in clarity screen for following field.


  1. Progress = Completed
  2. Status Indicator = Blue
  3. Start Date = <date in the past>
  4. Finish Date = <date in the past>
  5. Launch Date = <date in the past>

   6. Status = Approved


Switching the Progress to ‘Completed’ Or the Status Indicator to ‘Blue’ will trigger the Process of performing the multiple field validations.


If the field validation is not successful then user should not be allowed to save the change. In other words they can’t save the “invalid” set of field values.and

Error Messages should appear on the Screen and not letting user SAVE the changes.


Can anyone help me with this.