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Global Audit Trail Attribute Name

Question asked by Pankaj_Prajapati on Sep 21, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2015 by Dave_3.0

Hi CA PPM Experts,


I am trying to replicate the Global Audit Trail by writing my custom query. There i am facing a problem in getting the attribute name (label of the attribute) using the attribute code in the audit table.

I am using tables cmn_audits, odf_view_attributes and odf_audited_attributes. But i cannot get the desired attribute label with attribute code by joining these tables.

Please help me out to resolve the issue of getting the attribute name . Or, if any one have any idea of another table to resolve my issue then please let me know.

Also, if any one have worked on the Global Audit Trail and have NSQL for that, then that will also help.

Waiting for response.