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CA Clarity PPM v14 deployment architecture

Question asked by Slovak on Sep 22, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2016 by Slovak

We are going to implement CA PPM 14.3 upgrading from 13.3 in Q1 2016. I have this document: CA Clarity PPM v13.1.x Deployment Architecture. I am seeking this same document for CA PPM v14.3.

Since v14.3 will be using JasperSoft I want to know if there is anything different about the Reporting server setup? Plus I am increasing my capacity for number of users. I need to know the server specs that v14.3 will require based on the number of users that I will have in my system. I have a design on paper already but I am not confident in the server specs (processor, RAM, # Cores, hard drive space).


If anyone can point me to a CA doc that would be great.


Current environment:

PROD and UAT has 4 app servers 2.6 gig 2 Core 12gig ram with 1 reporting server (same specs) and 1 CAPA server (same specs)


DEV has 2 app servers (same specs as PROD and UAT) with 1 reporting server and 1 CAPA server.


We are running SQL 2012.


I will have over 3,000 user licenses with about 2,000 concurrent users.


Any help would be appreciated.




Design thoughts


Up the RAM and #Cores on the servers. Maybe go from 4 app servers to 6 for future expansion.

Same for SQL up the cores and RAM