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How to modify the original request and metadata from vsm

Question asked by on Sep 23, 2015
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I was trying to modify the user name and password from the request calling virtual service (lisa.vse.request)


To achieve i used the following code in dph filter


String usernameStart="<wsse:Username>";

String usernameEnd="</wsse:Username>";


String passwordStart="#PasswordDigest\">";

String passwordEnd="</wsse:Password>";


String theBody = lisa_vse_request.getBodyText();


if (theBody.contains(usernameStart)) {





theBody = theBody.replace(usernameBody, "<wsse:Username>MODIFIEDRaku</wsse:Username>");

  theBody = theBody.replace(passwordBody, "#PasswordDigest\">MODIFIEDpassword=</wsse:Password>"); 

  testExec.setStateValue("lisa.vse.request", theBody);




but i noticed its changing the request body where as the lisa.vse.request still holds the old request


in lisa as designed - the internal structure of the request property is (request+metadata) + (request body)


Kindly let me know is there any inbuilt function available to modify entire request property ?



Ravikumar S.E