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SDM 14.1 and Change Management

Question asked by Jennifer_Perdue on Sep 25, 2015

Does anyone know if the following is possible in SDM 14.1:


Ability to update a Change Risk Survey after submission?

  • Currently in 12.6, the survey is locked and users have no ability to modify therefore no ability to modify the Risk of the Change Order

Ability to associate multiple Change Orders to an Incident?

  • In 12.6, only one CO can be associated however it can be disassociated so another CO can be triggered from the Incident


Populate the assignee of a CO and have the group auto-populate?

  • In 12.6, you have to populate the Group then select the Assignee hyperlink to show a list of possible assignees.  Would like the tool to work both ways in that we could populate the assignee, select the Group hyperlink and it provide a list of what groups the assignee is a member of



Thanks in Advance!