Tech Tip - CA PIM: How to rebuild your SEOS Database in windows

Discussion created by musmo02 Employee on Sep 29, 2015

CA PIM Tech Tip by Mohammed Mustansir, Sr. Support Engineer, September 29, 2015.



The procedure will be the following in your WINDOWS environment as "Administrator":

  1. Check if Access Control is running:
    Run: 'net start|find "Access Control"'

  2. Stop Access Control:
    Run: 'secons -s'

  3. You need to be inside the 'seosdb' directory:
    Run: 'cd \Program Files\CA\eTrust Access Control\data\seosdb'

  4. Build indexes of a DBIO based on data records:
    Run: 'dbmgr -u -build seos_cdf.dat'
    Run: 'dbmgr -u -build seos_pdf.dat'
    Run: 'dbmgr -u -build seos_odf.dat'
    Run: 'dbmgr -u -build seos_pvf.dat'

  5. Restart Access Control:
    run 'seosd -start'