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SNMPTD MIBs not listed

Question asked by hazard on Oct 7, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2015 by simon.colgrave

Running SNMPTD version 3.16 and have a couple of queries. I have loaded a number of mibs through the MIB Setup Wizard (specifically Equalogic) in the probe and they are listed in the window, however when I go into the MIB Trap Browser they are not listed.


The second query is that I have loaded the Simpana mib and it is listed in the MIB set up Wizard and when looking in the MIB Trap Browser I see 69 traps related to the SIMPANA-MIB module, however when I go to the main SNMPTD window I expand V1 traps and only see 12 traps listed, so I went through the V2 & V3 traps including the "SNMP v2 Traps (unknown MIB) and I dont see the missing traps listed in the MIB Trap Browser,  so I am not sure where the rest of the traps are listed?


Any thoughts or ideas on these would be appreciated.


Thank you