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PDM_SELECT webengine directive

Question asked by JussiValkonen on Oct 8, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2015 by JussiValkonen

My goal here is to capture the change of a dropdown list generated by PDM_SELECT directive. In this case it is from the analyst detail_wf.htmpl form.

This is from the form:
<PDM_SELECT NAME=SET.status ESC_STYLE=HTML FACTORY=tskstat WF_FAC_FOR_TSKSTAT=wf SELECTED="$args.status" SELECTED_SYM="$args.status.COMMON_NAME" TITLE="' + _dtl.lastHdrtext + '">

I see the way the PDM_SELECT is used contains some special functionality. It will not return all available tskstat objects but a subset of them. So far the logic eludes me and no (public) documentation exists for it but I have opened a request to CA Support asking for the documentation of that webengine directive.

I've seen multiple similar questions and a couple of identical ones but no satisfying solution for them has been found. In all the cases I found the user ended up either using the stock dtlDropdown macro or creating their own dropdown with PDM_LIST directive. While both of these are viable last resorts for me I'd prefer finding out how the PDM_SELECT is supposed to work and what the different parameters given to it on analyst detail_wf.htmpl do.

If you have more knowledge please share it below.