Tech Tips: New Release of the Local License Server 2.1.2 is available for LISA Versions 7.5.2 and below.

Discussion created by dovle01 Employee on Oct 8, 2015


The current version of the local license server is now 2.1.2.


What caused the change in the Local License Server (LLS)?



A recent update to the License Server Generator has caused the licenses generated from December 2014 to improperly interact with the LLS version 2.1.1 which can result in the removal of license options. If you are experiencing license problems, please upgrade your LLS to the latest version.


Where do I get the new version?


If I am on DevTest version 8.x, do I need to install this latest release?  I thought DevTest 8 did not require a LLS.


If you are on DevTest, version 8.x, you do not need to download this update since DevTest version 8.0 and above does NOT require a LLS.  Then entire licensing schema changed with DevTest 8.x


How do I recognize easily if I have a problem without having to exercise all features of LISA?


When you bring up the LISAWorkstation -> Help -> LISA Runtime info it should show all the available features in LISA.


Below are 2 examples from the same set of licenses that were generated after December 2014, on the same machine, with the only difference being the first one has all the correct license features enabled per the Local License Server version 2.1.2 and the second one has the 2.1.1 version of the Local License Server .


Valid Local License Server distribution of Licensing Features:



Invalid License Server Server distribution of Licenses: