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How do I change the Label in the RBM Assertion Viewer to pick up name of the step being run?

Question asked by CathyWentworth on Oct 8, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2015 by Tom_Wyszomierski

I have created a RBM script using the CA Cloud Monitor Recorder. The script has only 1 step that runs a Get request and has 1 assertion to check for content. After uploading to ASM and running, the monitor test results assertion viewer shows the label as Page 1 - Test. I am unsure where this is coming from, as nothing in my test is called Page 1 - Test. Where/How can I change this to reflect the name of the step that I am running? The step properties box in the recorder has a property called Label, but that doesn't seem to transfer over to ASM.


I have attached a screen shot for clarification.


Thank you,

Cathy Wentworth