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Infoview on Service Desk dont works just for some users.

Question asked by ijreis on Oct 13, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2015 by ijreis

Hello, Good Morning!


I'm working on an architecture that has BOXI integrated to ServiceDesk, allowing users to access to their Reports through SDM.

There is the button "InfoView" under the Tab "Reports".


the problem, is that for some users it works, for other users it dont, i mean:

- With my login, on my machine, being logged in on Service Desk, clicking on InfoView the (supposed) new infoview pop up window just shows blank page, loading unsuccessfully the path " " ... (This is happening with several users);
- Other colleague, try to reproduce the same behaviour, but he is able to login correctly ... everything normal as expected.

- Try with my login, on his computer, and i'm also able to login successfully ...


We've already restarted BOXI, but didnt solved the issue...

Accessing through the url, it shows us the Tomcat page ...

Any idea?