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How to use timesheets with Saved hours and notes as a daily communication vehicle - before Submitting?

Question asked by cpscholes on Oct 14, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2015 by Kathryn_Ellis

In a prior life as PMO Director at a different firm, on a different PPM system, we used daily timesheet hours entered and notes entered as a communication vehicle among my PM team.


I have experimented with the JasperSoft AdHoc report engine to try and recreate this functionality in CA PPM but hitting some snags.


Here is the objective:

- Save Hours Worked per project, support and other work task daily (but not Submit until the end of the day Friday)

- Add a note (or notes) per each of the above daily

- Produce a report the next morning for team review of how each team member (create resource selections as versions of the report per manager area) spent their time and what their notes say

- Be able to compare that to the planned hours for that day


Snags are:

- Even though clearly there's a table of Hours Worked that is saved when the resource hits Save, I can't find that data seemingly until their timesheet is Submitted

- Similar issue with seeing the Time Entry Notes

- When testing with Submitted data, If someone had entered two notes on the same day, it appears as two rows in the test report.  This also causes the Hrs Worked to be shown on both rows with each note.  This causes it to appear that the resource, for instance, worked for 2+2 hrs on a task with two notes, when in reality they worked for 2 hrs on the task but it happens to have two notes.


I'm sure as a JasperSoft newbie I am configuring the report wrong etc., but any input is welcomed!




Here's a simplistic (text) layout of what type of report I would like to create for a team review:



Date:   10/12/15

Resource:   Bob Barker

Project Name        /     Task Name                /    Hrs Worked          /    Planned Hrs    /   Time Entry Notes

----------------------    /    ---------------------------   /   ----------------------   /   -------------------  /   ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

New Blade Farm          Install new chassis        2 hrs                           1 hr                     Chassis installed, power issue encountered, will need another day

Virtualize Servers         First 10 VMs                  4 hrs                           4 hr                     Initiated imaging sequence, no issues

Server Support             Ticket Response           1 hrs                            1 hr                     Low ticket volume, standard reboots


Resource:  Carol Merrill

Project Name        /     Task Name                /    Hrs Worked          /    Planned Hrs    /   Time Entry Notes

----------------------    /    ---------------------------   /   ----------------------   /   -------------------  /   ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

New DC Router          Router config                  6 hrs                          4 hrs                     Completed config, issues encountered and resolved, 2 unplanned hrs

Router Support           Ticket Response            2 hrs                           4 hrs                     West Coast DC connectivity issue resolved