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Retaining User (and Role?) table entries for Oracle Database when installing new version of DevTest.

Question asked by jonrv on Oct 20, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2015 by Koustubh.Warty

We've been informed that installing a new version of DevTest is a clean install rather than an upgrade therefore new DB schemas are required (for Registry and EDB) which create new tables that are either empty or contain default entries when the services are started for the first time with the new schemas.


The Registry Schema contains the  ACL_USERS table which holds credentials for both default users such as 'admin' and 'svpower' and site specific users i.e. our users that need access to DevTest on a regular basis in order to create the SV objects that our testing teams then utilise.


My concern is that the new tables effectively 'lose' the site specific entries when installing a new version and they need to be re-entered (not good if there are hundreds of users and/or several instances of DevTest to be 'upgraded'). To avoid manually re-entering user information via the Console's Admin function I suppose there is a possibility to export the entries from the old table and import them into the new version but it too seems a bit manual.


I just wondered what other sites do or if there's a trick we're missing which would allow us to retain the data in the ACL_USERS (and possibly ACL_ROLES) tables.